Posted on September 7, 2018 by Laura Andel

New music for piano, faucets, water, and metals

Back in April, I was invited by curator Ezequiel Fanego to be part of the Literature and Sound Series at Casa Victoria Ocampo in Argentina. Ezequiel Fanego envisioned a series of sound presentations inspired by a work of an Argentinean writer of our choice. My muse was writer Silvina Ocampo with her short story “Los grifos”, an impressive dreamlike description of the sound of dripping faucets.

On August 16th, 2018, I premiered “Fanal”, a composition for piano, faucets, water and metals which was performed by Silvia Gerszkowicz and myself. For this new composition, I created a water sound sculpture inspired by the story dripping faucets, which created a watery rhythm as each drop of water hit metal plates and cups.

The production team was amazing, and worked really as a team! Thanks to Luciana Olmedo-Wehitt, Joaquín Chidichimo, Lucía Feijoo, and Ezequiel Fanego.

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