Posted on February 29, 2016 by Laura Andel

From Clay to Sound

Pututu by Laura Andel

Pututu by Laura Andel

“As a music composer, and especially as someone who has never worked with clay, modeling an instrument with my own hands adds one more layer to the concept of searching for a personal sound. There is also a sense of continuity from the process of working with clay to model an instrument to the sound that results from it. In a way, it feels like modeling sound.”

As part of a new music project for clay trumpets and whistles, I have started building my own instruments in ceramic. After the instruments are built, the sounds are also recorded to become part of electroacoustic works.

Listen to an excerpt of Soplo, an electroacoustic composition for Clay Seashell-shaped Trumpet built after a Mochican instrument, and Tin Ecuadorian Dulzainas.

Clay Instruments , Creative Process
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