Celebration of the Spirit

Celebration of the Spirit

by Laura Andel
& Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra

Limited Edition Compact Disc (CD)

CIMP Records #298
Released: 01 May 2004

“Andel is one of New England’s most provocative writers for large improvising ensembles.”
Boston’s City Search, USA
“The fiery winds do rule on the shortest piece of the set, Andel’s “Nodes” that, like the previous piece, builds to a bright apex before subsiding to a slow crawl.”
One Final Note, USA

Performers: Jim Hobbs (Alto Sax), Jeff Hudgins (Alto Sax), Phil Scarff (Tenor Sax), Hans Indigo (Baritone Sax), Hiro Honshuku (Flute), Mike Peipman (Trumpet), Keiichi Hashimoto (Trumpet), Jim Mosher (French Horn), David Harris (Trombone), Bob Pilkington (Trombone), Jim Gray (Tuba), Rebecca Shrimpton (Voice), Soo-Jung Kae (Piano), Norm Zocher (Guitar), Rick McLaughlin (Double Bass), Rich Greenblatt (Vibraphone), Harvey Wirht (Drums), Taki Masuko (Percussion), Laura Andel (Composition & Conducting).


Music by Laura Andel recorded live by Marc D. Rusch on October 5, 2003 at The Tsai Performance Center at Boston University in Boston. Produced by Robert D. Rusch.