Listening Sessions

what is it?

The listening sessions are a space to (obviously) listen, discuss, and get to know each other’s work. Since 2001, we have had a total of 32 “listeners”.

Collage by Laura Andel

Collage by Laura Andel

how it all started

Our Sunday afternoon listening sessions started in September 2001. While being at the Music Omi Residency Program in Upstate New York, we organized a few group listening sessions to get to know each other’s work. Back in New York City, some of us wanted to continue with this practice, so it was then when I decided to host them in my East Village studio. We held more than 30 sessions between 2001 and 2006.

on press

One of our listening sessions regular members, pianist Ursel Schlicht, wrote about the experience in her article “Total Risk, Freedom, Discipline.” Her article was published in 2009 in Arcana IV, Musicians on Music, a book edited by John Zorn.

Arcana IV, Musicians on Music (Edited by John Zorn)

Arcana IV, Musicians on Music (Edited by John Zorn)


Ursel Schlicht describes the listening sessions this way: “We spent a lot of time critiquing each other’s music. Often additional residents would attend, and eventually the listening sessions branched out to other members of the [New York City] downtown community.”

listening session participants in new york

(in alphabetical order)

Laura Andel, Ricardo Arias, Christopher Dylan Bailey, Jamie Baum, Marcus Bittencourt, Carlos Carrillo, Anthony Coleman, Constance Cooper, Chad Curlow, Mario Díaz de León, Robert Dick, Travis DiRuzza, Andrew Drury, Michael Evans, Joshua Fried, Paul Hogan, Kevin James, John Alan Kennedy, Hazel Leach, Jeffrey Lependorf, Carl Maguire, Denman Maroney, Eric Moe, Ravish Momin, Reuben Radding, Jane Rigler, C. Bryan Rulon, Bethany Ryker, Ursel Schlicht, Tom Shad, Sukato, Lev ‘Ljova’ Zhurbin.

NEW  listening sessions in buenos aires & new york city

Upcoming listening sessions are announced on Laura Andel’s Facebook page. Please, stop by, and like the page to stay updated.