Press Quotes

“Her music is warm, quirky, and highly original.”
The Wire Magazine, UK

“Occupying that mid-range between jazz and classical music, Laura Andel is a composer to watch, as much for her audacity as for her conception.”
Jazz Weekly Magazine, USA

“Andel’s ‘Dream Colors’ was more assaultive, and more military as band members stomped their feet in formation at start and finish; yet surprisingly delicate colors from muted trumpet and guitar also wove their way through the volatile ensembles that surrounded combustible solos.”
The Boston Globe, USA

“Her roots and experiences from the North, the South, the East and the West are expressed in the more mysterious, dark and experimental way through her orchestra. Andel shows that she likes to be risky, to be immersed in the unknown in order to pull out something about what the least we can say is that has her own stamp.”
Apopsy Magazine, Greece

“Andel concentrates with an ironical approach on the power of sounds. For example, in her piece ‘The Squirrel’, she develops a ludicrous but strictly organized duck-singing out of grunt sounds in the reed section. Original and amusing, Berlin deserves more Big Bands like this.”
Die Welt, Berlin, Germany

“Lovers of hard-to-cathegorize artists must have their ears burning right now.”
Touching Extremes, Italy

“This minimalist orchestral project [Somnambulist] is one of the most impressive large ensemble recordings that I have heard in quite some time. The more I immerse myself in Andel’s sonic universe, the more extraordinary I find it. I urge you to check this out.”
Cadence Magazine, USA

“Andel is one of New England’s most provocative writers for large improvising ensembles.”
Boston’s CitySearch, USA